Additional Processing

The right components in the right place at the right time

At ETEM we know that it doesn’t matter how beautifully engineered our products are, if they are not in the right place at exactly the right time, we are not delivering exceptional service.

ETEM makes life easier for our customers by offering a service that can extend to entire logistics chain coordination. That includes subcontractors and other manufacturers, with a guarantee of timely delivery at each stage.

Our products are subject to rigorous quality control and once they are ready to dispatch we offer a range of smart logistics solutions to ensure they get to you when you need them. Lightweight aluminium has distinctive logistics advantages – each truck can carry up to three times as many aluminium parts as steel – allowing us to pass on benefits to our customers in terms of cost and environmental impact.

Before our products are ready to ship there are a number of technical processes that they might go through.

Additional Processing