Security systems

It’s essential that we all feel safe wherever we are, whether we’re in our homes, workplaces, or anywhere else. Security is of vital importance to everyone, which is why ETEM has developed such a wide portfolio of systems, capable of covering any requirements.

The new generation of ETEM Security Systems offer protection against vandalism and theft with Burglar Resistant Systems, and from attack by light weapons with Bullet Resistant Systems.

Protection against burglary
European Standard ENV 1627 classifies the burglar resistance of security systems in line with the type of burglar and method of burglary, starting at security class WK1, which offers basic protection against burglary by use of physical force.

ETEM’s Burglar Resistant Systems cover a range of products, such as opening and sliding systems, systems for doors and main entrances and curtain wall systems. Certified by IFT Rosenheim, ETEM systems offer burglar protection up to WK3 for doors and windows, and WK4 for curtain wall applications.

Security class WK3 protects against an experienced burglar using heavy duty drilling and hammering tools, and security class WK4 protects against an experienced burglar who also uses electric saws and power drilling tools.

Police reports confirm that most burglars access property by drilling, hammering or otherwise forcing open doors and windows, confirming that ETEM’s systems provide the protection necessary to ensure the security of the weakest areas of the building.

Additional protection
Some buildings, including banks, insurance companies, and post offices, need additional protection, often in specific areas of the building. The versatility of ETEM’s complete range of security systems ensures that every area has the right level of security, while offering the usual level of aesthetically appealing architectural and structural elements.

Whatever your needs, ETEM’s security systems offer a high level of versatility and adaptability that ensures a complete solution for every application.

Security systems
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Security systems