While architects have used aluminium in building design for over a century, it’s arguably in the last couple of decades that it has truly come into its own and been acknowledged as a versatile component of cutting-edge design.

Aluminium facade systems are used on buildings for many reasons, including temperature control and ventilation. Modern façade systems have to incorporate functionality, durability, aesthetics and energy conservation. ETEM’s façades aren’t just “curtains” that help keep the weather out; they are mutually compatible with the overarching objective of improving the environment for those living and working inside the structure.

ETEM designs systems and solutions that go beyond conventional applications and needs. Curtain wall systems, ventilated façade systems and sun shading systems are all combined externally in order to manage durability, long-lasting functionality, sun and light dissemination, water, air and sound insulation, and preserve energy efficiency in modern architecture.

The result is an innovative, practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing building.

ETEM’s systems have been the choice for many residential and commercial applications, such as office buildings, hospitals, public buildings, and large residential developments in both the private and public sectors. Unsurprisingly, ETEM has gained a solid reputation over the years as a reliable supplier and partner.

In ETEM, our main goal is to design and engineer products that help us improve our everyday living